Superintendent's Message
Matt  From the Superintendent's Desk
by Matt Schmidt, Superintendent of Schools


Dear Bangor Township Schools Community,

In the next couple of months you are going to be inundated with
information regarding the upcoming ballot proposal to fix
Michigan's roads known as Proposal 1. As a taxpayer myself, I
understand how important it is to have all the pertinent information
prior to going to the polls to make such a critical decision. The decision will have wide ranging implications on not only us, but future generations also.  

My job as the superintendent of our district is to provide you with the
relevant information on how the proposal, if passed, impacts our
school district and community. It is not my job to try to influence your
vote one way or another - it is to give you the information on the 
proposals impact on our schools. If passed, Proposal 1 will impact our
school district in two ways:

(1) The proposal states that K-12 education would receive $300
million in additional funding, which correlates to $200 per student.
However, how that money will be distributed to districts has not yet
been defined by our leaders in Lansing. For example, funding may be
allocated to the retirement system rather than to the district and

(2) It would expand the use of the School Aid Fund to community
colleges and career / technical education, and prohibit funding to 4-
year colleges / universities. Prior to the current administration, dollars
from the school aid fund were earmarked ONLY for K-12 education.
When our current administration took over they began using the
school aid fund for colleges and universities as well, leaving less
money for K-12. With the passage of this proposal, all money in the
school aid fund would be used for both K-12 and for community
colleges, excluding universities - leaving more in the fund for K-12.

Those are the two most dramatic impacts the passage of Proposal 1
will have on our district. If the proposal doesn't pass, Lansing has not
yet determined how it will affect districts and funding.

If you have any questions regarding the impact of the proposal on our 
district or community, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is a big
decision for our families, school district, and community. Have a wonderful start to your spring.